Introducing The Loo!

The Only PORTABLE and sanitary urine/feces containment system for pets who lift their leg, squat, or "spray" to urinate! All you need is the Legup Loo and Pee Pads for your furry best friend!

- Made from furniture grade PVC to keep it light, clean, and travel friendly 

- Includes 4 starter pads and clips to hold the pads in place.

(Actual size is 22x22x19 inches and holds 21x21 pads!)  

Why Choose Legup Loo?

Kiss Potty Training Woes Goodbye!

 It is exceptional for those hard to potty train dogs who refuse to go outside when the weather is an issue. 

Easy Cleanup!

Legup Loo does not require any cleaning other than the change of disposable pads when soiled.  

They Can Go On Their Own!

LegUp Loo allows pets who are unable or unwilling to go outside, the ability to potty unsupervised any time of the day or night.   

Take Your Walls & Floors Back!

The perfect solution for anyone who does not want pet urine or feces all over walls, floors or furniture, eliminating unsightly potty pads  laying all over their floors or taped up to their walls.   

Fits Just About Anywhere!

It’s perfect for those who live in apartments, condos, homes, anywhere!   

At Home & On-The-Go Use!

It’s great for travel, too! Take in recreational vehicles, travel  trailers, hotels.  Fits in carry-on luggage.  Basically, anywhere you and your pet go, so can LegUp Loo. 

LegUp Loo~Indoor Dog Potty ~ For Dogs Who Lift Their Leg or

Reviews & Testimonials!

Sue (Via Etsy)

 I love my LegUp Loo. I have a 5 pound Toy Fox Terrier. He has started  lifting his leg.  I am not ready to let him outside yet.  This will be  perfect for rainy days and snow. I would recommend this highly. 

Jane (Via Facebook)

 Love this indoor dog potty! I have a male dog who lifts his leg up to pee and a female who squats. No more worries of having to be home on time. No more  accidents in unwanted places, just change out the pads and everyone is  happy. Potty training my dogs was so easy once they knew this was THEIR private  spot!  Thank you for asking us to try your new idea. Our pup is happy,  too! 

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